January 2021 // Issue 1 // Dancing Streams

Taken from the issue:

Within this, the very first issue of the Revolutionary Gazette, the nature of its contents is akin to the motion of the comets, or meteors, which reveal their brilliance spontaneously as they weave their erratic path through the planetary dancers of the cosmic river. Some will draw nearer and nearer the heart of it all, some are flying further from the central body: for a time, these writings are together, visible, and dancing along a stream of thought. The intrepid reader is invited to steer their vessel between the dancing rocks; to sit, and watch the pattern whilst adding to its very nature by being amongst it. Like rivers of rain upon the face of the window, these streams may not alter the face of the Earth beneath, but they may cause the face of a reader between to look up and out from within. And it may be that this causes an alteration upon this world: the only way to know is to read on!

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Content in this issue includes:

The Life Experiences column from Jared Matthias Buchanan

A Classical Translation of a Homeric hymn, with accompanying notes, from Levi Bak.

A feature story entitled The Endless Stare (parts i-ii) by Samuel Willmot

The World Reflections poetry column from Ruby Therese Brown

The Sympathy column from Bubble Boy (presented by Jen Tremor)

A feature poem by Wandering Bard.

…as well as beautiful feature designs from Ethan Johns.

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