February 2021 // Issue 2 // Boundless Seas

“The point of departure is often the next step. Although this is the second issue of our publication, it is as much its inception as anything that has come before – or that will follow. Like the coming of dawn and the day that follows, each revolution of the earth is a departure from a linear movement – because in a cycle, there are only beginnings: just as upon the face of the globe itself, where the ocean stretches unbroken in spherical infinity. This month’s issue points to departure across the expanse, and to the beginning of a journey eternal, which – by nature of its eternality – was begun long before the time present. And, as the day itself presents the invitation to begin the infinite, so too our new issue invites our readers to embark with our contributors as they navigate Boundless Seas.”

In the second ever issue of The Revolutionary Gazette, not only are our columnists familiar to you from the first edition back, to bring even greater content to you, but new columnists and features have been added to the publication – expanding the range of styles, perspectives, and themes contained therein. Here are some of the things that our readers can expect in February’s issue:

  • a World Reflection from Ruby Brown that questions with both lucidity and force the experience and nature of a bound[ed] existence.
  • a Life Experience from Jared Buchanan reflecting on time spent in the ocean and out.
  • a new column from anthropology student Martin Davis, titled Overtextualised Culture, bringing you essays inspired by the nature of life in a world permeated like never before with textuality.
  • a new column from urban adventurer Karol de’Pur, exploring abandoned spaces and their past and present states.
    • as well as new and continuing features, such as:
  • the cosmic continuation of last month’s feature story, The Endless Stare
  • feature poems from arts student Naomi Fanning, reflecting on the relationship of Odysseus and his wife and queen Penelope
  • a feature photographic insert from Queensland photographer Michael Robinson
    • and more content besides – translations, additional poetry, and further creative prose!

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