March 2021 // Issue 3 // Tangled Limbs

Growth is far from tidy. As life extends, in every moment it must discover where it belongs. By extension, life is always reaching out to something. And reaching means aim, means that there is a chance to fall short, means reach. Whatever the reach of our publication as it is now, we hope it will grow. And it seems some growth is occurring, because our efforts are far from tidy. Like a somewhat unkempt garden, the growth here embodied comes with effort, and comes against effort, too – as no growing thing flourishes without being cut back. Bear with us, then, as we aim to bear forth a body sufficient to reach out to where it belongs. Should this single copy of a singular variety of writings be reaching you, we hope that this twisting body of boughs does not block out the light above, but rather afford you the chance to climb to a new vantage – not so as to see where our reaching aims, no: we hope you ultimately see beyond these tangled limbs.

In our third edition of the Revolutionary Gazette, the meander through the light, by which we see, continues – dappled and mottled as it is, by the patterns woven by branching ideas that strive to meet it. Our existing columnists return, bringing a furtherance of the growth in previous issues. Subscribers to this issue can await the opportunity of reading:

  • The continuation of Bubble Boy’s Sympathy series, in which the troubled author invites you, the reader, to play a game.
  • A new reflection in textual philosophy from anthropology student Martin Davis, exploring structures, signs, and Satanic imagery.
  • Levi Bak brings a new Sage Interpretation of Homer’s Odyssey, book IX.116-141 – a description of the lands of the mighty Cyclops.
  • Gripping metropolitan photography from urban explorer Karol de’Pur
    • as well as feature poetry, the continuation of our ongoing serial story, and new contributions from our other columnists!

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