April 2021 // Issue 4 // Eyes Awakened

Can beginning and end be used to think about awakening? Or, like a revolution of the sun, does awakening go on without knowing where it began? Is there only one great day, known to the winds which travel with the sun the world over and have never known night? Are there a myriad awakenings, one upon the next, to eternity? Whether there is a difference – or none at all – the Gazette will write of ceaseless revolution and of the moment’s repetition, as the seasons change and months pass, with all of our Eyes Awakened.

This post comes belatedly for most – many of our Patreon subscribers will have already received their copies of the fourth edition of the Revolutionary Gazette. For those yet to receive, or considering purchasing a copy, here’s a little of what you can expect in our latest issue:

  • a new satire column of moral tales, named Iridescent Fables from the delinquent Gregory Viglianco, brimming with tongue-in-cheek witticism and hilarious storytelling.
  • two beautiful ekphrastic poems from Matt Petherbridge, written in response to artworks from contemporary Hunter Valley artists.
  • a touching and reflective short story from filmmaker Brendan Dennerly about an author in his final moments of life
  • the mind-spiralling conclusion of the long-running feature story, The Endless Stare, by Samuel Willmot.
    • as well as new columns from all our regular contributors, and new poetry from a returning feature poet!

Subscribe now at our Patreon to receive the April copy of the Revolutionary Gazette when it arrives:


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