May 2021 // Issue 5 // Heaven’s Tombs

With eyes awakened, all seen is seen in all possibility. The patterns that awoke vision from unseeing continue to invite the awareness that the spectacle all around and within does not end with inspection. And even an end does not end the possibility of the pattern. Once released from the grasp of the adversary, death was filled with possibility, and is now adverse to the end of all. So long as death makes possible the continuation into new life, we see it in a new light: just as the old light of stars long dead continues to proclaim. So, long as the pattern may be, is its end truly when eyes cease to awaken to it? For even if the stars are obscured from them in a haze adverse to sight, the constellations still stretch on – the divine corpses of gods awaiting reawakening rest in Heaven’s Tombs.

The Revolutionary Gazette continues in our (late) fifth edition with the May issue, themed “Heaven’s Tombs”. Across the pages of the May copies can be found a plethora of poems, as well as returning columnists from previous issues and the first part of a new serial story!

  • A yet-unfeatured poet appearing in this edition, Naomi McIarty, explores loss and emptiness in her poem ‘Fatherless’.
  • Martin Davis’ latest textual navigations delve through ideas of religious and market forces and the narratives that overarch those participating in them.
  • Filmmaker Brendan Dennerly presents two poetic pieces exploring limitation, tradition, and the bounds of knowing.
  • A new serial story commences!- the first part of a detective pulp novella set in an almost idyllic semi-rural Australian suburb…
    • with more poetry besides, our regular columns, and a beautifully illustrated cover from Ethan Johns.

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