June 2021 // Issue 6 // Shades Unveiled

Within heaven’s tombs, those deepest recesses of resting divinity, rebirth awaits – as a sun sunk into the bottom of the sea, too, bides the time. Yet expectation, however patient, leaves it always darkest ere the dawn. Amidst the dimness of soon-nascent things, the veils of sleep and shades of death, plunge madmen with lanterns searching for lost gods: prophets and dreamers and desperate fools. But unless the pilgrim be ready to remain in the realm of horrors, he brings little back. Only the hero who can fill the recesses of hell with his own readiness never to return releases the captive spirits. The full surrender of the entire soul – whole in its total oneness and complete plurality – can be all there needs be to tear apart apparitions and render Shades Unveiled.

After a week of printing delays, our sixth edition is winging its way through the postal services and by the hands of distributors to your local campus, home, or cafe to engage you with a host of new items of poetry, fiction, and criticism. A few of our columnists are absent in this issue, but new authors as well as returning feature poets have provided pieces both thoughtful and wonderful for our readers. In this issue of the Gazette you can look forward to:

  • a disquieted yet deeply majestic poem from columnist Ruby Therese Brown, entitled ‘Tombstones of Eternity’
  • ‘Jackie Twodoorsdown‘, a short story from new contributor Craig Palmer; a poignant cross-section of the lives of a distant family, told through the moments that caused it to drift apart
  • the return of the delinquent Gregory Viglianco, with a new Iridescent Fable to both muddle and moralise the minds of many
  • a feature poem from Annabelle, drawn from experiences of her father in childhood and a moment on the Seine River some years later
  • an essay of literary comparison from editor Samuel Willmot, examining a counter-movement in American literature in the mid-19th century
    • as well as the new instalment of our current serial story, and other returning columnists and poets!

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