An Update on the Gazette

Hello to our readers,

First of all, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support of the Gazette over the course of the year. This project has been both a difficult and an enriching experience so far, and the feedback and financial support that the editorial team receives from our Patrons and cafe or library readers continually amazes me. Our contributors have been encouraged likewise by comments and compliments made by our readers, and for that I’m grateful too – the Gazette was started with the intention of being a medium for young writers to find a place for their work, and the continued interest of our readers in their output has been fantastic. All in all, the relationship between patrons, contributors, and the editorial team is a wonderful and surprising thing, given the distance separating many of those who work on and subscribe to the publication.

This year so far of running the Revolutionary Gazette has also had its less enjoyable moments – the return of NSW to COVID lockdown has had financial effects on the editorial team; thus, as the Gazette is still not ‘sustainable’ insofar as the income from subscriptions doesn’t cover printing/design/shipping costs, there have been some delays that simply come down to waiting until the editorial team can afford (out of their own pocket) to cover the excess costs. At the end of the day, too, getting the draft sent off to the printers involves a lot of prior proofreading, layout and secondary design work, and extra writing material in order to make sure a minimum 24-page proof reaches the printers before the end of the month. Advertising is not something I (the editor-in-chief) excel at, or find easy or natural, but I’ve been trying also to maintain a strong presence on our Instagram (though the website and Patreon updates have fallen very far behind). All that said, though, the project and process of the Gazette is well worth the difficulties. And so long as contributors find it fulfilling and possible for them to send in their pieces, I’m keen to keep this ship afloat – by hook or by crook, any means necessary, and etc.

At this present moment in Australia, however, the extended lockdowns and new and ever-changing restrictions have affected the job that I [the editor-in-chief] hold in order to fund the Gazette. Due to present circumstances, it is my unfortunate duty to relay the fact that there will be a delay in the print publication of our September issue, for financial reasons. Despair not! Two things will follow: firstly, that it will be printed! Our September and October issues form a two-part exploration of the theme ‘The War for Order’, and the current plan is to print and release both in their physical format at the same time. Secondly, I will be releasing a pdf version of the September edition to subscribers on the 13th (tomorrow, as of this posting), to tie you over in the meantime. I offer my sincerest apologies for this delay and inconvenience, but assure you that we will present you with the full Parts I. & II. of “The War for Order” editions by the end of the month.

There may be some curiosity as to the intent behind repeating a theme across two months – for those that are interested, I’d like also to share with you some of the creative vision for the year remaining. Across the issues already published, something of a ‘narrative’ has emerged from the themes that have codified each edition. Our first three issues had themes drawn from the natural world – ‘Dancing Streams’, ‘Boundless Seas’, and ‘Tangled Limbs’. From April onwards, however, what I hope is (implicitly) something of a narrative progression has woven together the theming of the issues. Out of the natural context of the early issues, we emerged with ‘Eyes Awakened’. From this new perception of the world around us, it became clear that consciousness has a power to unlock dormant or latent patterns hidden in that very world. Hence, we came to ‘Heaven’s Tombs’: the place in which divinity rests until it is brought forth by sacrifice. Just as the constellations wait in the heavens until our awakened eyes notice and call them forth, so too does our consciousness and perception order the social and mythic world we inhabit. Once this is realised, it renders ‘Shades Unveiled’. The dim shapes we could barely perceive reveal themselves, and with the veil of shadow rent apart, light breaks into the world once more. So it is that ‘Dawn Returns’, illuminating our renewed cosmos. However, with the sun shining over a realm once in darkness, the worst as well as the best now become visible. In and amidst this liminal order of dark and light, the monstrous and aberrative inhabits the world we have made our first efforts to organise.

This has been our series of themes thus far. The remaining four themes are as follows:

September: The War for Order pt.I

October:     The War for Order pt.II

November:  The Bells Toll

December:  Behold, the Man

In September, our theme conveys the heroic undertaking of trying to achieve stability – of the warrior of legend or of the wise woman of counsel, who attempts to put right what has been broken. This will be contrasted in our October edition, which is part 2 of the same theme: in this issue, the theme revolves around the dark side of stability and safety; of the tyrant king who executes his own people, or the enchantress who enslaves her children. This state of affairs cannot last. November’s theme is ominous, as it is at the same time ambiguous. The Bells Toll – but do they signal a death or a birth, the end of things or the beginning of something new? This leads us to our final issue for the year: ‘Behold, the Man’. The journey of the year gone by will arrive at last with the idea of Self: of the Atman, of the Buddha, and of the Christ – and all the symbols of personal unity. The person’s attempt to transform the world around itself has collapsed, but the chance to transform the world within is now apparent.

If 2021 is the only year in which the Gazette runs, I hope that this progression of themes forms a compelling conclusion to what already is a wonderful legacy for the creative endeavour of all our contributors thus far. And should it be possible that we continue as a team into 2022, I hope that this progression forms a climactic first chapter to an ongoing revolution. The COVID situation has all plans and possibilities up in the air, of course, but if it’s possible I’d love to stage an event in December or January to bring together as many contributors and readers as possible and broadcast some poetry and art and storytelling to an audience. If nothing else, I’d like to heartily thank each and everyone of our patrons and readers: you guys rock. I hope the Gazette is able to encourage you in return, in your own, individual pursuits of bringing something divine to the world before you.

Safe Voyaging, Pilgrims!

~ Samuel Willmot, editor-in-chief

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