Journal Purpose Statement

The Revolutionary Gazette is a publication that intends to outline a road so straight ahead that it leads right over the world to where it begins. As such, it begins at every step of the way, and its only end is a well-rounded perspective. It is neither outlining a destination, nor really even a journey, but it could be the view from both and either at once. It may reveal insights like an old forest, it might present reflections like a still lake, it might add vantage like a high hill, but much of that revolves around its readers. Our contributors have begun their revolutions, and hope that you can see something in their outlook.

What does that purpose statement actually mean?

Good question. The publication’s name conveys a core idea which the purpose statement hopefully unpacks. ‘Revolution’ in our coinage is implying the idea of a full rotation: a circle, sure, but it’s also a path that something travels on. Not that it ‘goes anywhere’, because this publication is not utopian, and its purpose isn’t to shout down today in favour of getting somewhere tomorrow. No, the preference is to cast down the ominous shadow that tomorrow casts, and get somewhere today. So, that’s hopefully the intention that this publication will carries. The editorial team isn’t looking for writing contributions that harp on about bucolic retirement, or urban mindfulness, or similar drivel. Nor for Stoicism, particularly. The aim is to take you where you’re at, if you’ll take this publication where it’s at, and we’ll try not to kid each other about what that is. To use a weary and maybe over-employed phrase, this publication strives to be down to earth. But we’re also looking up. After all, despite everything we still live in this world.

Make something of that. You could make something pretty pessimistic of it, and maybe even call that outlook realism; you could make something pretty optimistic of it, and maybe even call that outlook holistic. Don’t get too caught up in it, though. What the editors hope to keep as a focus is this: wherever we’re going, we have to recognise that it’s only to come back to where it was we began. We’re beginning this project in good faith, hopefulness, and some mutual trust – and we’ll come back to that when we’re caught up in pragmatism, difficulty, and resentment. As believers in the Christian creeds, the editorial team hold to the teaching that all things began in the Logos, who is Christ, and have their end in that same creative Word, too. So we’ll aim to carry on the way and bring to light some creative words that are in this world, too.

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