June 2021 // Issue 6 // Shades Unveiled

Within heaven’s tombs, those deepest recesses of resting divinity, rebirth awaits – as a sun sunk into the bottom of the sea, too, bides the time. Yet expectation, however patient, leaves it always darkest ere the dawn. Amidst the dimness of soon-nascent things, the veils of sleep and shades of death, plunge madmen with lanternsContinue reading “June 2021 // Issue 6 // Shades Unveiled”

May 2021 // Issue 5 // Heaven’s Tombs

With eyes awakened, all seen is seen in all possibility. The patterns that awoke vision from unseeing continue to invite the awareness that the spectacle all around and within does not end with inspection. And even an end does not end the possibility of the pattern. Once released from the grasp of the adversary, deathContinue reading “May 2021 // Issue 5 // Heaven’s Tombs”

April 2021 // Issue 4 // Eyes Awakened

Can beginning and end be used to think about awakening? Or, like a revolution of the sun, does awakening go on without knowing where it began? Is there only one great day, known to the winds which travel with the sun the world over and have never known night? Are there a myriad awakenings, oneContinue reading “April 2021 // Issue 4 // Eyes Awakened”

March 2021 // Issue 3 // Tangled Limbs

“Growth is far from tidy. As life extends, in every moment it must discover where it belongs. By extension, life is always reaching out to something. And reaching means aim, means that there is a chance to fall short, means reach. Whatever the reach of our publication as it is now, we hope it willContinue reading “March 2021 // Issue 3 // Tangled Limbs”

February 2021 // Issue 2 // Boundless Seas

“The point of departure is often the next step. Although this is the second issue of our publication, it is as much its inception as anything that has come before – or that will follow. Like the coming of dawn and the day that follows, each revolution of the earth is a departure from aContinue reading “February 2021 // Issue 2 // Boundless Seas”

January 2021 // Issue 1 // Dancing Streams

Taken from the issue: Within this, the very first issue of the Revolutionary Gazette, the nature of its contents is akin to the motion of the comets, or meteors, which reveal their brilliance spontaneously as they weave their erratic path through the planetary dancers of the cosmic river. Some will draw nearer and nearer theContinue reading “January 2021 // Issue 1 // Dancing Streams”