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The regular columnists of The Revolutionary Gazette are committed to exploring the life before them and the world in which it takes place; a world whose divisions are never as perceptible in the moment as they are outside of living. If there is overlap in their themes, or form, or content, it is because in this living world there is motion despite boundaries. Our columnists are also currently young, a fact which – should it be seen as a disadvantage – living itself will soon remedy in any case.

Jared Matthias Buchanan

Life Experiences column

As the world turns, it turns again, and returns even as we think it is only turning. Days go on as night comes in, and some day the experience of the time passing will be forgotten even as it turns over eternally. The experience of living seeks out return, as if to confront its origin is a pregnant gesture, and not merely habit. Instinctively, life sees purpose in blood and water and mud and salt. As life must merge and submerge with/in these eternally to remain eternal, it is good not to forget the experience of rebirth. The future can only forget at present; it is past remembering. So it is, that so long as we belong to day we spell out the nature of our experience of Life until tomorrow hears. Jared Buchanan spells out encounters with Life’s returns for the memory of the living.

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Ruby Therese Brown

World Reflections column

Turning to times at the edge of time – the borderlands of written thought and spoken memory – we find there lives a sage distinct: if sages are typically fatherly in the common or cosmic conception, the man of the world Thales holds distinction, as he is father of many. He lives, if we care visit, in a world in which some para-consciousness nested in material, in which there was no way to say life itself invested itself in inanimate things. This world moves constantly, so there are only animate things. Thales is a sage distinct because he has belief, and moves in that belief to show us his belief is alive. He believed all moving things had souls, and that soul was the cause of moving. Then Thales moves, towards material and cause and end, and finds, as he moves, that the place of all motion is water (the untamed deep):

all souls were to be found in fluid because fluid is their nature. All ultimately is fluid, has depth, escapes where it is put to rest, changes form.

And, changes appearance: the soul, like any body of water, is known for its reflections of the world around it. Ruby Therese Brown brings reflections of our living world each month, for its change and ours

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Levi Bak

Sage Interpretations column

So great a corpus of corpses lies behind, whose writings make for a grave reminder of our paths heretofore, that ofttimes it becomes difficult to recall who gave their guidance to direct us out of this way. Levi Bak brings us translations of many voices long quiet, and tongues long forgotten, in order that with two heads we might face the past and future better.

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Bubble Boy

Sympathy column

Dreamlike, often, is the quality of the waking world, when unchained from the tight and intricate patterns of meaning and symbol and purpose. These beautiful and deadly spider’s webs of significance tend, in the end, towards becoming tangled cobwebs, their interior connections broken and messy. And eventually, when they are cleared away, the awakened mind loses the points at which they contacted the exterior also, and the dreamlike quality descends on consciousness. But the correspondence between the inner links of the spider’s weaving and its external contact with the world it is suspended to can be preserved. Though fragile as a bubble of soap, its iridescence and featherweightedness is not the end of its essence. What touches and disturbs one link can quiver them all, for across the grand, silken, fly-catching pattern there is a certain, living, repairable  — sympathy.

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